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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

 It usually instant delivery, but if your product require. installation or manual Activision then can take up to 24 hours.

 Click my account from top menu and Fill up the from to create the account.

 We are selling digital goods, so it don’t require any shipping address.

 You can track your order status inside your account.

 We don’t collect any credit card information. Payment handled by third party payment getaway.

 Currently we are not charging any sales tax. But that policy can change in the future.

 We are selling digital products so we ship every country.

 Your item will be always downloadable from your account, so keep an eye on your account to find your item.

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

 If your product don’t worked as expected and our support team cannot help it further will refund you in 30 days.

 We have a 30 day easy return policy so you can contact our support team to get a refund.

 It a digital product. So if the file is corrupted, we’ll send you another link to Download the file.

 You can contact our support team for your refund.

You can contact our support team to fix your shipping address.

If your order is in delivered status, then you cannot cancel it anymore.

Yes it can pre order if there is any pre-order option, would see on the product it’s depend on each product.