Dodge M4S
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Dodge M4S



Fivem Ready Dodge M4S (WRAITH)

Fivem Ready Dodge M4S (WRAITH)

In 1981, Dodge unveiled a remarkable high-performance prototype sports coupe known as the M4S. This cutting-edge vehicle was engineered, designed, and constructed to showcase advanced automotive technology. The brilliant mind behind its design was Bob Ackerman, then the chief designer at Dodge. The name “M4S” stands for Mid-engine, 4-cylinder, Sport, accurately reflecting its core attributes.

Unlike typical display pieces, the M4S was intended to be a fully functional running prototype from the very beginning. Its primary purpose was to serve as a pace car and to fulfil this role, it was built to achieve an impressive top speed of 200 mph.

The Dodge M4S gained additional fame when it appeared in the 1986 film, “The Wraith,” with the protagonist, played by Charlie Sheen, assuming the role of the enigmatic Wraith.

Through its dynamic design, impressive capabilities, and cinematic appearances, the Dodge M4S left an indelible mark on the world of automotive enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.

Car Features:

  • Hands-on steering.
  • Paintable via trainer primary and secondary colours.
  • Working wiper via VehfuncsV.
  • Static electric extra_5 via VehfuncsV.
  • Working wiper via VehfuncsV.
  • Paintable wheels.
  • Breakable windows.


  • FiveM go ahead and drop “dodgem4s” into your resources folder and add it to your server cfg.


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